CoOp Apparel was originally started out of the simple need for one of the founders to get decent looking clothing that actually fit. There simply isn’t high quality clothing in his size that doesn't have surfboards or dogs drinking beer, not to mention the severe lack of decent fashion for daily "casual business"... thus CoOp was born.

The idea has gone through multiple revisions and we found this company would be suited as an “umbrella”, and will oversee more diverse lines of clothing. Specifically, CoOp will sponsor various sub-designs of apparel starting with Sol and Decay, and we will add more lines as these grow.

SOL - This is a modern yet contemporary apparel line featuring brighter colors and designs.

DECAY – As the name suggests, this line features darker tones, graphics and fabrics. The design elements and themes will be much more bold and sinister. This line will be perfect for those after-hours events or at the club, when you want to show a distinct style and fashion sense along with the statement of individuality. This line features black and gray tones but various designs will incorporate other colors as is seen fit.

Our main business goals are to work with artists to get their work in the public eye and produce fresh clothing styles. It takes quite a bit of work to run a business and we are here to do the business side of things and let the artists do what they love best, which is to create and get paid for it!

No longer does the artist have to sign over their lives and get minimal profit back when the company takes it all. Once you see our business model you'll realize we have the best pay structure in the business. The lion’s share of the profits go to the artist, not to us. Sure we have to pay the bills but we want our designs to stand out from every other apparel designer and that takes talent which we are willing to pay for...we do business honestly and we expect the same in return.

We have nothing to hide and work in a very open environment so all of our signed artists will know every detail about their product that every other company chooses to keep private. You will know the price of every option (multiple colors, various fabrics, etc) so YOU the artist get to choose what to do.

If you’re interested in working with CoOp please contact us and we will be happy to cover the details.